Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sex and the Angeleno

Dating in L.A. sucks. Period.

There is no better way to say it.

Though L.A. has a high index rate of single people, it's a demographic littered with the beautiful, the insecure, the dreamers, the feeders, the jaded, the sometimes bi-polar, and the occasional future mall shooter.

This blog was birthed one evening while I sat in my underwear on a Friday night at 8:30PM nursing a bottle of Cuervo and watching THE NOTEBOOK. I realized that evening that L.A. made sex and love no longer a pleasure, but a chore of the utmost ugly kind.

And as I climbed deeper and deeper into Jose, I decided to call all my friends and share with them my thoughts on dating in L.A. I was surprised to discover that they indeed felt the same way and that I was not alone. They then pleaded with me to put the bottle down and leave my apartment to be with people, but instead, I opted to start this blog and share my stories and my friend's stories in hopes it will give comfort to other disillusioned Angelenos lamely wading in the big city pool of sex and love.

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